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About that cover….driving down the causeway whether going to or coming back
from the beach taking in the beautiful surroundings of the Palma Sola Bay, most of
us also notice these beauties!

Carmen Herrmann Hanson is the granddaughter of Col. Ottomar Herrmann, whose family was one of the first to import, breed, train and exhibit Lipizzan Stallions in
America, and thanks to such a background, Carmen has always held horses very close in her heart.

Carmen’s Story —
I have continued to explore my love of horses by starting my own riding academy. However, during the summer months it is just too hot in Florida to show horses, so I use horseback swimming during the summer not only for fun, but also to keep my horses in shape.

On a beach outing one day with my horses, I noticed a crowd of onlookers watching and taking pictures. I was chatting with several people when an older woman explained to me that this was her lifelong dream, one of the things on her “bucket list.” Of course, I offered her a horseback ride on one of my horses, even letting her swim with the horse. When we finished, the gleam in her eye and joy on her face
kept me smiling for days.

In 2012, I had a non-horse related accident that left me unable to train horses. In 2015, I hung my helmet up and retired as a riding instructor and closed my barn
doors to Riding with Style. Time for a new chapter in my life.

I have always rescued horses and dogs. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The bond with a rescued animal is really like no other.

I wanted to offer other horse lovers the experience of horses that are safe, gentle, and love to swim. So why not use the ocean to help rehab the rescue horses I purchased?

Most of my beautiful horses have come from not-so-good environments. I truly believe these horses find me! Ninety-five percent of our beach ponies have been bought with horrible skin conditions, neglect, and abuse, starved, and overbred. I have found the ocean heals almost all the conditions neglect and bad breeding have created as well as healing their souls. The love they receive from us and, of course, our guests shows them that humans can be loving and caring too. I am very sad to say, not all of our rescue horses have made it. As I am buying horses in bad condition, we have lost one recently. After two years of battling cancer, our beloved Panda has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Your rides help us rehabilitate horses that are in horrible condition. Our next is a beautiful stallion that we had to geld to try to heal him. We love our horses and know that every ride purchased helps us save and care for this majestic breed of horse!

All of our Gypsy and Drum horses have been rescued and rehabilitated by me. It can take me anywhere for eight weeks to four months depending on the physical and mental condition of that horse. Once they have completed their training, they become Cponies. That is to ensure every rider has not only a beautiful but a safe, well-trained, water-loving horse.

As a 4th generation horse trainer, it is my mission to provide a forever home for these horses. I do not breed or purchase horses for resell. I want happy healthy horses that once again have dignity and pride. I want to thank all of you. Every ride helps us rehabilitate another Drum horse. Every time you bring carrots, gently pat them on the neck, or hug them after your ride, you prove to them that humans can be good.

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Photos by: Paula Wright

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