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The Curry House

The Curry House


In 1923, Henry Curry built an 18-room house with a huge porch overlooking the shoreline of Bradenton Beach, prime property that would be worth millions today.

Capt. Curry hosted lots of guests throughout the years at this home. Estrella never actually stayed at the property but moved in after her death. Estrella was on her way to Bradenton
Beach from Boston to marry her fiancé. The ship she was traveling on, which coincidentally Capt. Curry was also on, sank and unfortunately there were no survivors.

From then on, the Curry house was known to be haunted by both Capt. Curry and Estrella. You will usually see Capt. Curry walking on the beach in front of the house smoking his Cuban cigar. Estrella felt the house was hers. She claimed the third floor and terrorized anyone that lived there. She was always hiding the mail and then it would reappear days later. Clothes from the 1920s would start appearing around the house. A prime piece of property on the beach, the house was abandoned and sat empty for years as no one would buy or even rent it.

In the 1990s a couple named Romaine and Glenn (pictured right) purchased the house with every intention of restoring its original beauty. At first, harmless little things began to happen like their dogs would refuse to enter the house, barking and howling outside all night. Estrella was known to break things if she didn’t like it. So, every time they would bring anything new in Estrella did not like, she would smash it. Romaine then arranged for a seance where it is said that a woman appeared floating down the stairs who revealed herself as Estrella. The local historical society confirmed the story of Estrella saying a woman with a Spanish name meaning “little star” who was supposed to live in the house, died before she ever moved in. If you walked onto property, it would smell like orange blossoms. You’d walk off and the smell would just disappear. You would hear scratching on the walls and stomping feet.

When I was doing research for the Bradenton Beach Ghost walk, the Chief of Police said to me
“don’t forget to tell the story about the Curry house.” The police answered so many calls to that house, they all know the history of it and could never find the problem. They know it’s haunted.

In 2004, the house was condemned and torn down since no one entering would even consider
buying it and the owners could not rent it. Some believe the sightings stopped when the house was torn down. Or have they? If you happen to be walking down Bradenton beach and pass a gentleman smoking a cigar and a beautiful woman dressed in 1920s clothing, say hello to Capt. Curry and Estrella.

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