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In a climate where the cost of living consistently outpaces income growth, affordable housing becomes increasingly urgent. Fortunately, in Bradenton, new initiatives are rising to tackle this pressing issue head-on.

One notable endeavor is the Musgrave West project, a sprawling development spanning 325 acres near the southeast corner of the Interstate 75 and State Road 64 intersection in Manatee County. This ambitious complex aims to introduce 1,370 housing units, significantly bolstering the housing landscape in Bradenton.

Over 300 of these units are earmarked for affordable housing. Currently awaiting approval from Manatee County, the Musgrave West project has garnered attention for its commitment to designating at least 25 percent of its units as affordable housing. The county’s expedited approval process reflects a proactive approach, instilling confidence in the community that their needs are being prioritized.

But the Musgrave West project isn’t just about quantity; it’s also about diversity. It promises a blend of residential options, including single-family detached and attached dwellings and multifamily units. Furthermore, plans include the development of three commercial parcels spanning 17 acres along State Road 64, strategically positioned opposite the Marketplace at Heritage Harbor Shopping Center, enhancing its appeal and accessibility.

Recognizing the acute shortage of affordable housing in Bradenton, Manatee County is taking proactive measures by expediting the processing of affordable housing developments. This commitment ensures that affordable housing remains within reach, with costs not exceeding 30 percent of a resident’s income for rent or mortgage payments.

The encouraging news is that as demand for housing continues to surge, more affordable housing options are materializing.

Several more projects are either underway or recently completed:

  • In January, the Manatee County Commission unanimously approved the Amara multifamily housing project, encompassing 606 units, including at least 152 affordable units, located at 3308 Lena Road.
  • The Nine20 Manatee apartments, featuring 137 units, are currently under construction at 920 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton.
  • The Nest, offering 182 apartments, is slated for development on a vacant 5-acre lot adjacent to the existing Robins Apartments, with plans for completion by the end of 2025.
  • The Sawgrass Ridge project, planned north of Moccasin Wallow Road at 10500 Carter Road, will offer 1,103 residential units, with a minimum of 275 designated as affordable.
  • The Savoy at 301 and The 301 Flats will provide 572 units of multifamily affordable housing at 4505 12th St. Ct. E.
  • West and Ninth Street West, set to open this summer, will offer additional housing options near downtown Bradenton.
  • The Met, a $31 million workforce housing project, will introduce 199 eco-friendly apartments at 1405 14th St., Bradenton.
  • The Addison, a 90-unit complex, and Oaks at Lakeside, a 96-unit complex, will further expand living options in Bradenton.

With numerous projects in the pipeline, residents of the Bradenton area can anticipate many housing options that align with today’s challenging cost of living,.

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