Looking for a print copy of BMag?

Find them free at these locations:

SRQ Airport – Welcome Center

Chambers – Manatee (Bradenton and LWR) and AMI

Rack locations: 

Manatee Avenue Market – 5104 Manatee Ave W

Ace Hardware – 5409 Manatee Ave W

Blessed and Distressed – 615 59th Street W

Florida Suncoast Real Estate – 417 12th Street W Suite 120

Box locations: 


67th Street – by Northwest Promenade

Boyd Reality – 2200 Manatee Ave W


Corner or Riverside Drive and 10th Ave  – (near marina and parking for Riverhouse)


Boyd Reality – 409 Pine Avenue

Longboat Key:

Cedar Street and Gulf of Mexico Drive (near Whitney Plaza)

Are we out? Let us know by emailing: [email protected]