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Celebrating Ten Beautiful Issues of Bradenton Magazine…

Celebrating Ten Beautiful Issues of Bradenton Magazine…

Spring 2024 Bradenton Magazine Cover

By Paula Wright

As I sit down to write this for our 11th issue, I’m filled with gratitude, nostalgia, and a sense of pride. What started as an idea has evolved into a magazine that captures the talent, stories, and successes of our community. 

None of this would be possible without the talented artists and photographers creating and capturing such amazing covers, writers that love putting to paper the stories of our community, and the advertisers who give their support and find our content worthy of their trust.

The thrill of finalizing covers, reading each new article that comes through, designing each issue to flow and be visually appealing captivates me. The anticipation of getting each issue in my hands is unmatched, and I love that every conversation and encounter translates into new ideas and content for the magazine.

In this issue, I wanted to bring back each cover and the artist to remind everyone of the talent that has graced the cover each issue. Each artist/photographer is a local talent and met this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication to bring something everyone wanted to pick up. Many people say the cover is what they can’t wait to see, and I have even heard people frame it. What a compliment!

As we step into a new year, we invite you to continue the journey with us, share your thoughts, and let us know what you love, and what you want to see more of. Your feedback fuels our growth, and we are committed to delivering content that resonates with you.

Cheers to the many more years of Bradenton Magazine producing beautiful covers, great storytelling, community celebrations, and exciting growth. 

Bradenton Magazine cover Summer 2021

Cover Photo:
Adrianna M Photography

Cover Artwork:
Mark Gagnon
Monark Custom Framing and Art Gallery

Bradenton Magazine cover Winter 2021
Bradenton Magazine cover Spring 2022

Cover Photo featuring C ponies:
Paula Wright
Publisher + Editor -In-Chief
Bradenton Magazine

Cover Artwork:
Shelby Counihan
Instagram: @shelbycounihandesigns

Bradenton Magazine cover Summer 2022
Bradenton Magazine cover Fall 2022

Cover Photo:
Megan Barry
Orange Grove Artwork
Instagram: @orangegroveartworks

Cover Artwork:
Susan Coulis
Tropical Art Chick
Instagram: @susancoulis

Bradenton Magazine cover Winter 2022
Bradenton Magazine cover Spring 2023

Cover Photo:
David X Tejada
Tejada Photography Inc.
Photography displayed at
Island Gallery, Bradenton

Cover Artwork:
Stephanie Troxle
Little Blue Designs
Instagram: @littlebluedesigns

Bradenton Magazine cover Summer 2023
Bradenton Magazine cover Fall 2023

Cover Photo and
Flag Carving:
Lorenzo Liberti

Cover Artwork:
Lisa DiFranza
Artwork displayed at
Island Gallery, Bradenton

Bradenton Magazine cover Winter 2023
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