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Have your favorite holiday foods and weight loss goals too

Have your favorite holiday foods and weight loss goals too

By: Dr. Meredith Butulis, DPT, MSPT, OCS, CIMT, ACSM CEP, NSCA CSCS, NASM CPT, CES, PES, BCS, BB Pilates, Yoga, PBT level 3


With the holidays upon us, the annual decision between enjoying holiday foods and achieving weight loss goals looms. While the decision of holiday meals and health goals seems like an “either, or,” it does not have to bet his way.

Instead, you can enjoy the vibrancy of the season and time with friends and family by piling your plate full of these fall favorites!

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is 94% water. This means you can consume a whole cup of it for less than 50 calories.  Looking for a fast sweet tooth fix? Grab a can of pumpkin, sprinkle it with pie seasoning, cinnamon, a dab of whipped cream, then eat it with a spoon! If you’re seeking a salty crunchy fix, pumpkin seeds can be your “go to.”

Sweet potatoes: While they are not quite as low in calories per gram as pumpkin, they can be formed into endless desert, soup, and french fry recipes. They can also be sliced and toasted as a low-carb bread substitute. Even better, they are high in fiber, which helps with digestive health.

Squash: Butternut squash is one of the most popular fall/winter squash forms, weighing in at 82 calories per cup. This is a little more than pumpkin, but less than sweet potato per cup. Butternut squash makes an amazing stuffing to go with your turkey!

Turkey: Turkey is packed with protein. Protein helps keep you feeling full, while firing up your metabolism. Go for the double turkey, and pass on the gravy for a high protein tasty meal or snack.

Apples: Apples are one of the easiest on-the-go snacks. Forget your lunch? You can likely find an apple at any corner store, gas station, or airport. Like so many other fall fitness foods, they are filling, low in calories, and a great source of fiber. Looking for a treat? Apples with a bit of orange juice and sprinkle of cinnamon can be microwaved or baked into an instant treat.

Beverage choice: Skip the alcohol, and opt for cranberry infused sparkling water instead. This fall flavor offers a colorful festive hue, while skipping all of the empty calories in many other beverages.

Summary: Go ahead and give into those fall comfort food cravings. Many wonderful fall foods actually support your health and weight loss goals! Use this list to start your meal planning, and feel free to share your favorite fall wellness foods with the community too.

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Dr. Meredith Butulis is an Assistant Professor at the State College of Florida, licensed Sport/Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga/Pilates Instructor practicing since 1998. She is the creator of the ISSA Fitness Comeback Coaching Certification, author of the Mobility | Stability Equation Books, and host of The Fitness Comeback Coaching Podcast. Learn more on IG @Dr.MeredithButulis or visit Http://

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Podcast host: Fitness Lifestyle for Busy People 

Author: Mobility | Stability Equation

LinkedIn: Meredith Butulis

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