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The dictionary defines a pathway as
“a route, a way that constitutes or serves as a path, a course, track.”
Featured here find “pathways” within the Bradenton area

The distinctive white sand quartz beaches of the Gulf Coast are magnets for vacationers worldwide. Bridges like this serve as a common access point. Thousands of families rumble wagons bursting with beach gear—chairs, towels, shovels, toys, umbrellas, food, drink, and excited children overflow their container. A pathway to lifelong memories…

The award-winning Manatee County Public Library System boasts seven great locations. Books, movies, e-books, classes, special events, unique collections for individuals of all ages are featured. Our libraries are a pathway to education, imagination, relaxation, enjoyment and research. Check them out!

The coastal beaches of Bradenton are an integral part of sea turtles’ life cycles. Each year in late spring/early summer, female turtles come ashore and deposit their eggs in selected spots in the sand. In the summer of 2020, I was fortunate to twice witness this beautiful and unique event. Typically, this
occurs in the middle of the night in darkness with the only sound the hypnotic rolling of incoming waves. The moms are awkward, doddering and slow-acting. The tracks left in the sand to and from the shoreline are an unforgettable pathway.

Longboat Pass Inlet is a water passage that separates Bradenton Beach from Longboat Key. Likewise, it churns dangerous riptide currents between the Gulf and Intercoastal waterways. Fishing here is some of the finest. An older drawbridge serves as the only automobile connection between these coastal keys. The cherry on top is the majestic and picturesque views in every direction. Make time to visit this spot.

The local area is home to a couple of great ballparks— LECOM in Bradenton and Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. They host spring training for major league baseball. LECOM (Pittsburgh Pirates) and Ed Smith (Baltimore Orioles) are “fields of dreams” for aspiring professional ballplayers in both organizations. They are a pathway to a career in baseball.

The Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, commonly known as SRQ, is a gateway to Florida’s Gulf Coast. SRQ is one of the fastest growing airports in America. Record numbers of passengers, flights, airlines and destinations are being experienced. SRQ is on pace to service 4 million passengers in 2022. The primary runway for commercial aviation extends 9500 ft. in a general northwest/ southwest direction. Plans are already in progress to build another terminal. The booming business and tourist economy relies on our airport as a vital link to its growth and success.

Anna Maria Island lies at the far western edge of Bradenton and the southwest land tip on Tampa Bay. Its Northern end, known as Anna Maria, was originally homesteaded in the 1890s. Charles Roser helped develop this area by designating streets, lots, etc. In 1913, as a memorial to his mother, he built
Roser Memorial Community Church. Today it still exists and serves the community. Roser acquired wealth and fame as the recipe originator of the Fig Newton cookie. One could say Roser was a pathway to dessert joy and the Lord.

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