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Spring into Self-care

Spring into Self-care

woman doing yoga on the beach

By Amanda Gray

Investing in your health and yourself should never be limited to just one season, but look no further than Bradenton during the springtime for creating the ultimate self-care bucket list. The signs of spring are a little less pronounced in Florida, but dormant plants and flowers will indeed spring back to life, baby turtles will make their way to the ocean, and there will be more light hours in the day than dark. It’s the perfect time to feel a sense of renewal and energize yourself, and plenty of local small businesses can cater to your best spring self.

Spend a day at the spa

Whether you’re looking for a single treatment or an all-day event to treat yourself, your first stop should be the Blue Door Spa. Here, you can spend the day taking full advantage of a personalized pampering plan, from massage to facials to waxing and hair and nail services, and you’ll enter a state of bliss that will leave you feeling ready for a nap on the beach or dinner out on the town looking and feeling your best. Stay up to date on spa events and happenings. From “Girls Night In” spa packages to later evening hours a few times a week, the Blue Door team makes your experience as personalized as possible.

Start a new ritual

Rituals and routines are essential for developing and maintaining your self-care. So, if you want to go below the surface of traditional spa modalities like massages, Magnolia Wellness Center offers an alternative experience with deeply therapeutic services. Try reflexology or a cranial sacral massage and feel the pressures of everyday life melt away. And if you’re looking for retail therapy, they’ve got you covered with locally curated inventory that will lift your spirits. They occasionally  even have food trucks visiting outside their urban oasis, which is a great way to taste the local flavors and treat your tastebuds. Word on the street is that they also sometimes accommodate house calls, so you can skip the traffic if you have a room with a view that you’d prefer not to leave.

Strengthen your mind-body connection

You might find yourself with a little more physical energy once the sun sets later in the day and it’s warmer all around. Salty Buddha Yoga on Anna Maria Island offers beach, studio, and stand-up paddleboard yoga. Combat the stress in your life with breathwork and all-levels yoga that will help you cultivate more balance in your day-to-day. Studio classes often incorporate reiki and sound, while stand-up paddleboard yoga allows you to access peace and serenity while floating under the sun. Beach yoga is not to be missed, and the hour-long class is the perfect start to a day of self-care practices. While you’re out on the town on Bridge Street, take a peek at their studio headquarters to see a class and workshop schedule.

Support your immune system

There is plenty of vitamin D in Bradenton all year, but the sun is out later, and the flowers smell even more fragrant during peak spring. Soak it all up and sustain your good health while walking around the area’s neighborhoods, beaches, and parks. It’s also easy to boost your vitamin and mineral intake by stopping by Bayshore Nutrition smoothie and juice bar for a nourishing, nutrient-packed drink or snack! A local favorite, this gem of a shop offers delicious flavors that are good for you and will leave you happy, energized, and whole.

Achieve bliss on a budget

Self-care might bring to mind the spa and studio, but if you’re on a budget or a tight schedule, there are many ways to invest in your health. Start your day with a mindful walk on the beach by leaving the phone at home and consciously focusing on your surroundings. Grab a journal and start a gratitude practice, listing three daily things you’re thankful for. Browse the Bradenton Public Market for fresh fruit, flowers, and juice while supporting local vendors. Lastly, taking 5 to 10 minutes to take the sunset in at the beach is sure to provide an unbeatable, breathtaking, and free moment of peaceful solitude.

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